Tincture of Trivia

Trivia for Bars

If you're looking to increase sales on a quiet weeknight, or attract a new crowd of potential regular patrons to visit your bar, look no further. BarGames.net can help your business.

Successful bars have found that weekly trivia nights are an inexpensive way to increase weekday business. Trivia nights require very little advertising, and boosts sales by attracting groups of 4 to 8 guests, not just individuals.

There are 2 ways we can help you.

1. If you'd like to host your own contest we have a very inexpensive way for you to use our game system.

2. In several areas of the country, we can send a charismatic, professional host to your venue with sound equipment and everything they need to host a contest for you.

Our web based game system, allows players to use their own smart phones to play, creating an exciting - interactive environment that prevents cheating, and can even deliver your ads and specials right into the player's hands. It also asks them to opt in to our mailing list, allowing us to contact them on your behalf and remind them of your trivia night as well as specials and other events..

Ready to host a trivia night? Contact us now!